Our crepiest music video ever. The song talks about a serious and personal experience that I lived as well. 
Sometimes in your life happens something that breaks and kills your heart bringing away a part of you forever. You need to find again yourself. You need to stay alone for a long time to reborn again. Seth Borsellini found a metaphor with the worm and the cocoon: the worm takes time to turn back to life, and he does coming with beautiful wings. I though about giving life to this metaphor making him sing inside a glass box which was used for a movie by Luca Franco. A special thanks goes to Alessandro Grasso for underwater footage, he helped me to light the scene with his underwater lights.

I also tried with a beautiful result to play with Philips Hue's led lights system behind a wall of wavy plastic: some motion was given through a wind machine. The effect is subtle but makes the scene even more dynamic. 
PRODUCTION Lucerna films
DP / DIRECTOR Andrea Nicola Larosa
1st AC Daniele La Via
MAKE-UP ARTIST Anna Nessie Olivieri
SPECIAL THANKS TO Alessandro Grasso
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